Number Title Author Year Updated Pages Cont English
T-166 Tatting with Anne Orr Dover; pub. 1989   32 PT  
T-115 Tatting with Beads Peel 1995   48 P Y
T-249 Tatting with Beads II Peel 2002   32 PT Y
T-218 Tatting with Buttons Solomon 1999   32 P Y
T-157 Tatting with Buttons 2 Solomon 2001   30 P Y
T-133 Tatting with Colour Peel 1996   24 P,T Y
T-135 Tatting with Friends Seitz, editor 1998   174 P Y
T-116 Tatting with Visual Patterns Konior 1992   120 P,T Y
T-105 Tatting, Edgings and Insertions Mlle. Riego** 1861   17 T,P N
T-219 Tatting, or Frivolite Mrs. Mee & Miss Austin 1862   15 TP Y
T-222 Tatting: It's Not Just Doilies Anymore! Seitz 1998   27 P E
T-123 Tatting: The Contemporary art of knotting with a shuttle Auld 1974   128 T Y
T-221 Tatting: Theory and Patterns Stawasz       Y
T-163 Tatting—101Motifs & Edgings Fujito 2001   80 P Y
T-124 Tatting-Technique and History Nicholls 1962   128 P Y
T-149 The A.W.B. Book No. 6, Gift Novelties in Tatting Brown 1916 1981 20 R N
T-224 The Art of Tatting-with an introduction by H.M. The Queen of Roumania Hoare 1910 1982 124 R Y
T-186 The Book of Tatting-Book 39 The Spool Cotton Co.; pub     23 P  
T-102 The Complete Book of Tatting Jones 1985   112 T Y
T-103 The Complete Tatting Book Mlle. Riego** 1866   33 T,P Y
T-101 The Craft of Tatting Attenborough 1972   104 P Y
T-106 The Exhibition Tatting Book Mlle. Riego** 1862   16 T,P Y
T-118 The Joy of Split Ring Tatting Kuhn 1984   16 P Y
T-117 The Joy of Tatting Kuhn 1981   47 P Y
T-107 The Lace Tatting Book Mlle. Riego** 1866   33 P Y
T-109 The Pearl Tatting Book Mlle. Riego** 1867   35 P,T Y
T-110 The Raised Tatting Book Mlle. Riego** 1868   34 P Y
T-113 The Royal Tatting Book Mlle Riego** 1867   30 P Y
T-197 The Tatter's Treasure Chest Waldrep; ed. 1990   96    
T-151 Time for Tatting J P Coats, Pub. 1968   31 P N
T-148 To Boldly go Where No Shuttle Has Gone Before Dyer 1993   43 P,T Y
T-168 Traditional Tatting Patterns Weiss, Editor 1986   48   Y
T-162 Victorian Tatted Christmas Stevens 2001   60 P Y
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