Number Title Author Year Updated Pages Cont English
N-102 Needle-made Laces and Net Embroideries Campbell Preston 1938   160 T,P Y
N-170 Needlepoint Laces: Designs from the Countryside Holmes 1991   144 PT Y
N-109 Needleweaving Dendel 1971   128 PR Y
N-137 Nelson         R Y
N-137a Nelson Book of Netting (a)         R Y
N-137d Nelson Netting Needles plus 5 Gauges (d)         PR Y
N-137b Nelson Netting Patterns – Beautiful Handkerchief Edging Patterns (b)         R Y
N-137c Nelson Netting Patterns-Beautiful New Advanced Doilies ©         PR Y
N-171 Net Darning and Embellishing Square-Mesh Net Jones 1979   40 PTR Y
N-169 New Ideas in Needlepoint Lace Grimwood 1994   111 TP Y
N-112 Outlines and Stitches Earnshaw 1992   106    
N-134 Pattern Book of Renaissance Lace - as Corona Delle Nobili et Virtuoso Donne Vecellio 1988   66 R Y
N-106 Point de Venise (Inscribed by Mildred Rezabek) Cousin Claire 1981   52 T,P Y
N-105 Polka Spider Web Patterns K and K Products 1939   24 T Y
N-172 Polka Spider-Web Lace Patterns K and K Products 1941   24 P Y
N-115 Punto Tagliato Lace Lovesey 1986   70    
N-135 Renaissance Patterns for Lace & Embroidery – Orig. pub. 1587 as Singuliers et Nouveaux Portraicts... Vinciolo 1971   93   Y
N-118 Ruskin Lace and Linen Work Prickett 1985   119 PRT Y
N-166 Special Burda Hardanger (E 921) Burda; pub.     44 P Y
N-154 Special Burda Hardanger Handicraft Series, Vol. 2 No. 5 Burda; pub.     44 PT Y
N-153 Special Burda Hardanger Handicraft Series, Vol. 2 No. 6 Burda; pub. 1994   44 PT Y
N-130 Starting Needlepoint Lace-A Course forBeginners Grimwood 1989   128 TP Y
N-131 Starting Zele Lace Stevens 1989   72 PRT Y
N-128 Tambour Work Fukuyama 1987   120 PRT Y
N-104 Teneriffe Lace Kliot & Kliot 1986   96 TPR Y
N-158 The Borris Lace Collection Laurie & Meldrum 2010   128 RTP Y
N-146 The Complete Book of Hardanger Geldens 1994   107 TP Y
N-121 The Needle Lace Primer Welch 1981   38 PTR Y
N-159 The Technique of Branscombe Point Lace Trivett 1991   160 TPR Y
N-103 The Technique of Teneriffe Lace Stillwell 1980   144 T,P Y
N-129 The Techniques of Filet Lace Knight 1980   138 PR Y
N-157 Traditional Hardanger Embroidery (Republication of Priscilla Hardanger Book No. 2. A Collection of Typical Norwegian Designs, 1924) Dover; pub. 1985   32 TP Y
N-139 Treasury of Designs for Lace Net Embroidery Weiss; ed. 1985   43 P Y
N-116 Venetian Gros Point Lace Lovesey and Barley 1986   75    
N-122 Victorian Battenberg Lace, Christmas Collection Sein 1987   12 PRT N
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